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listen, my mom busted her butt to make sure that i had a good education. >> all right. i figured you'd go all "ditch digger's" daughter on me, which is why i put in some applications for a part-time job. >> that's great, bri. >> that's good. way to be pro-active. >> good girl. >> yeah, i'll start as soon as somebody hires me, but, uh, until then... >> both: good luck with that. >> that worked out well. >> what do you mean? i didn't get the money. >> but now you need to get a job. and i got paid to watch your dreams get shattered. >> oh, whatever. my dreams are not shattered. nobody's gonna hire me. >> why not? you have blue collar written all over you. >> which is why i can't get a job. if i start working now, they'll expect me to keep it up. so i lied on every application and made it seem like i was a total moron. [ cellphone ringing ] >> i thought you said you lied. >> hello? yes, this is she. no way. [ bell dings ] welcome to the charmin' chicken. cluck, cluck, cluck! [ male announcer ] now we can all be at the corner of "just another prescription" and "sweet, something just f
and people that weren't--were not educated, ex prostitutes and all kinds of people that the world would have thrown away as trash. when the anointing of god comes on a person, it turns them into another man or another woman. >> [applauding] >> joyce: and through that little band of ragtag ordinary people, the name of jesus is famous now worldwide and there are millions of believers all over the world. and the more the devil tries to put the fire out, the more the church grows. >> [applauding] >> joyce: god had to shut zachariah's mouth to get what he wanted with him. and when he was trying to birth the church, he had to touch their mouths with his fire. you're gonna see tomorrow that before god could use isaiah, he had to touch his lips with burning coals from off the altar and cleanse his mouth. and i love what isaiah says in isaiah 6, he came into the presence of god and the glory filled the temple. and the first thing he said is "woe is me for i am ruined and undone for i am a man of unclean lips, and i dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips." when he came into the presence of god
're educated by words. knowledge comes from words. words are very, very important. and to think that we can choose the ones that we want to speak and that we can make them either good things or bad things is quite a privilege. but anytime we have a privilege, it's also a huge responsibility. amen? >> [applauding] >> joyce: how many of you want to be more accountable for your words? all right, i agree with you. it's gonna happen. this is an area that you'll probably have to study on and off all your life. because to be honest, the mouth, the tongue is like a wild animal and i got scripture to back that up. it's really just like a wild animal and you have to keep it under control and the only way you can do that is to lean heavily on god and to make this a matter of daily prayer. there's a couple of scriptures that i quote over my own life, i would say, most every day. "god, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. and god, put a watch over my mouth lest i sin against you with my tongue." king david prayed those things. this is the great psalmist d
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3